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GAPS / GAES Special Education Teachers

The Greencastle-Antrim Primary School was built in 1994. This school has kindergarten, first and second grades. Primary classrooms are grouped by mixed ability in all grades. A great deal of emphasis is placed on math, reading and writing. Varied methods of teaching reading are used to best meet the different needs of all children. Students experiencing difficulty in reading may receive services from reading specialists, reading aides and specialized remedial computer programs.

Students also study social studies, science and health. In addition, students have instruction in art, music, physical education, library, and computers.

A portrait of Angie Singer, GAPS PrincipalA Message from Our Principal
by Angie Singer

The Primary School is committed to making each student’s school experience positive, safe and successful. We are comprised of kindergarten through second grades with approximately 625 students. In addition to the language arts and math curriculum, we provide each student with opportunities in art, music, computer, wellness and library. The full-day kindergarten program transitions students into a formal school setting while providing them with rigorous literacy, numeracy and social experiences.

The Primary School staff dedicates itself to helping each student reach his or her fullest potential. We accomplish this through a rich learning environment that is tailored to meet individual student needs. We set high academic expectations for all students centered on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. We believe that building a strong foundation will provide students with the skills necessary to succeed throughout life.

The Primary School receives strong parental support. We encourage parents and other volunteers to take part in the many school activities that occur throughout the year. We require that all volunteers comply with the Greencastle-Antrim School District’s volunteer policy which includes obtaining security clearances. We also encourage parents to participate in parent-teacher conferences scheduled in November and February. These conferences provide teachers and parents a forum to discuss academic progress, share information about the individual student and develop plans for improvement. Working together is essential in order to experience optimal success!

Angela Singer
Primary Principal


GAPS Office Staff

Mrs. Angela Singer - Principal
(717) 597-3226 ext. 40500

Mr. Kevin Carley - Assistant Principal
(717) 597 -3226 ext. 40580

Mrs. Carol Bryan - Principal Secretary
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Mrs. Kelly Clark - Attendance Secretary
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