The Greencastle-Antrim School District is excited to welcome your child to kindergarten at the Greencastle-Antrim Primary School. We know the learning experiences your child will receive will give him/her a good start to a successful school career.

Kindergarten is an exciting time in a child's formal schooling. Our staff is delighted to open the doors to learning, investigation and socialization while providing your child with all the support they need. Our kindergarten program has a firm foundation based upon research and PA core standards to ensure a purposeful and meaningful education that will give your child the necessary skills he/she will need to be successful throughout his/her career.

Our staff created a Welcome to GAPS video in an effort to provide you an authentic snapshot of life at our school. Click on the link to enjoy a quick glimpse of GAPS.

Everyone at GAPS eagerly desires to contribute to the academic, emotional, social and physical development of your child. With joint cooperation, we know this will be a successful beginning to your child's school career. Please give us a call at 597-3226 ext. 40500 to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Kid Writing
Desire to Learn
Group Activities
Team Work
Exciting and Enthusiastic
New Friends

In the beginning there
Is much to tell and share.
It’s where with eager hearts
The joy of learning starts.
Short legs to soon grow long.
Let’s help them stride each day
When they begin this way.

All I really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be,
I learned in kindergarten.
- Robert Fulghum

Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Kirsten Allen
(717) 597-3226 ext. 40105

Mrs. Sallianne Bowman
717-597-3226 ext. 40101

Mr. William Doll
717-597-3226 ext. 40111

Mrs. Nicole Estep
(717) 597-3226 ext. 40109

Mrs. Ronda Hoover
(717) 597-3226 ext. 40120

Mrs. Amanda Hykes
(717) 597-3226 ext. 40115

Mrs. So Marvich
(717) 597-3226 ext. 40107

Mrs. Alicia Runshaw
(717) 597-3226 ext. 40113

Ms. Karen Wickham
(717) 597-3226 ext. 40118