Picture of students in library huddled around an iPadThe purpose of the library is to support the Primary School's curriculum. Each class visits the library once every six school days for story time, library instruction and the opportunity to borrow books. During other visits to the library, the librarian provides additional instruction to othe students in topics which are an extension of their classrooms lessons.

Kindergarten students spend time during the beginning of the school year discussing and demonstrating procedures relating to the proper care of books. These concepts are reviewed with first and second grade students.

Picture of students in library sitting at tables reading books.Students check out library books for a six-day cycle. Kindergarten and first grade students check out one book, while second grade students are permitted to check out two books. Overdue reminders are issued to students who forget to return books on time.

The librarian works with the Reading Incentive Committee in an attempt to promote reading. The Committee plans special activities for the students throughout the school year.


Miss Amy Crider
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